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Miles Blender rig

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For Blender 3.0 and above


  • IK/FK limb switching and snapping
  • Custom UI
  • IK Fingers!
  • Custom pivot controls
  • Animatable eyes

This started as a small study project and ended up becoming a full fleshed out rig so I'm sharing it with the blender community now!

Shader by DoctorBro (

If you have any questions, feedback or there is something broken in the rig feel free to DM me via twitter @animsebs or email me at

Version log:

Kid_Miles_V3: 16/05/2022

-Moving the rig in object mode or the root bone no longer breaks the eye curves

Kid_Miles_V2: 15/05/2022

-Rendered eye width bug fix

-Hip weights and corrective drivers adjusted

-Various bone shapes adjusted

Kid_Miles_V1: 14/05/2022

-Original release

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A very cool Blender file with the rig and a "readme" file with some info about it.


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Miles Blender rig

145 ratings
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